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For years, Canadian AOII’s have wished that they could have a Foundation to support academic excellence.



That time has come.....
You are invited to become a charter donor
of the Alpha Omicron Pi Foundation Canada (



Baby steps to begin - certification and our initial  scholarship

AOIIFC is collecting pledges to endow our initial scholarship and provide start-up funds to become a registered foundation in Canada. Even though we have met our $25,000 pledge goal, you can still make your pledge today!


Pledge now, pay later

We are asking for your pledge support, but you will not have to pay until AOIIFC is registered and confirmed with Canada Revenue Agency. This is expected mid-spring 2018.


Once AOIIFC is registered, we will contact you to discuss payment options, whether it is a lump sum or monthly payments—whatever works best for you!



Click on the Contact page link above to submit your information to receive a donor pledge form.


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